Kaolin Clay

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Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay is one of my frequently used ingredients. It is in most of the recipes that include fragrance oil as it allows me to use less and still get a good scent on the soap. Even though I use the most gentle fragrance oils I can find, I like the idea of only using the minimum required to help to ensure that it is still kind to delicate skin.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Kaolin Clay:

  • Reduces the amount of oil stored on the skin.

Kaolin Clay will soak up excess oil and dead sebum from the skin and within the pores.
  • Purifies pores and detoxes the skin.

Kaolin clay literally sucks out impurities such as dirt, grease and grime from the pores. This in turn prevents them from getting clogged and helps to prevent spots.
  • Works as a cleanser.

Kaolin clay on it's own can actually be used in place of harsh chemical cleansers.
  • Soothes sensitive skin.

All clays are thought to be mild, but kaolin is considered the mildest of them all. It is well known for its soothing properties and has been used to help sooth the itching and dryness of skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Helps to reduce irritations.

Kaolin clay has been used for generations to help soothe skin irritation caused by poison ivy, stinging nettles, rashes and insect bites.


Which Products Contain Kaolin Clay?

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