Lime Essential Oil

A short history.

Originating in Asia, lime has been used for far more than eating for generations. The wise women of old would 'prescribe' rubbing yourself down with lime peel to cleanse the aura and remove negativity. It has also been used pre-ritual for many many years.

When limes were introduced to the UK, the crews of the 'Lime Juicers' (nick name for the ships carrying loads of limes) often used the juice of limes to prevent scurvy and other skin conditions. It is thought that this is due to the high vitamin C levels in lime juice.



Lime essential oils is produced from the peel of the fruit, using the cold press method.

Skin Care and Health Benefits.




Good for preventing dandruff, 


Magickal Properties.

Aura cleansing,

For clarity - before meditation or hypnotism,

Revitalising body and spirit,

Decision making and guidance,

For protecting personal space.

Products containing Lime Essential Oil.

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