Myrrh Essential Oil

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Myrrh Essential Oil

Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Oil

Myrrh is considered to help maintain healthy skin by soothing chapped or cracked patches caused by exposure to the cold or some skin conditions. It is commonly added to skin care products to help with moisturising and also for fragrance. Ancient Egyptians used it to prevent aging and maintain healthy skin.

A research study in 2010 discovered that topical application of myrrh oil helped elevate white blood cells around skin wounds, leading to faster healing. This is thought to make it useful in helping to heal dry skin caused by many different skin conditions.

Magick & Spiritual

The aroma of frankincense oil provides a calming and relaxing sensation and its comforting properties can be helpful for visualising, grounding, and improving your spiritual connection. It is a great incense to burn whilst meditating and the

In aromatherapy, frankincense oil is either inhaled or diffused, which can be a very effective sedative that induces a feeling of mental peace while helping to relieve anxiety, anger, stress and despair.

Additional Information:

Myrrh oil is extracted by steam distillation of the oleo resin-gum

The use of myrrh essential oil is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

A lot of essential oils contain allergens which can be found on the rear labels of the soaps in bold text. Myrrh essential oil contains the following allergens:



The information above is not intended to replace medical advice. The use of any information provided by The Druid’s Kitchen is solely the user’s responsibility. The Druid’s Kitchen advise that you consult a health professional before using essential oils.

Products containing frankincense essential oil.

Danu’s Dream

Danu's Dream Soap

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