Sage Essential OIl

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Sage Essential Oil

Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil

Sage essential oil contains camphor and camphene giving it an anti-fungal property. This oil is capable of actually preventing fungal infections, both internally and externally, and can give relief from fungal infections like dysentery, skin diseases, Athlete’s Foot or dermatitis. This property is one of the causes behind its use in skin care products.

The active ingredients in sage essential oil which provide you with protection against fungal infections also help to ward off microbial infections too. Sage essential oil can therefore provide protection for small wounds or cuts and prevent them from developing irritating or potentially dangerous infections.

The antioxidant properties of sage essential oil are maybe the most valuable aspect of this ingredient and the reason behind its repeated use in anti-aging and skin treatment products. Antioxidants, as the name suggests, act against oxidants or free radicals in the body, which are the main causes of aging. These antioxidants are thought to slow down aging and prevent symptoms like wrinkles, sagging skin, degeneration of tissues.

Magick & Spiritual

Sage is widely used for smudging (the cleansing and protecting of a sacred space). It is often used as an ingredient in magick promiting wisdom and good luck and I personally use it in healing magick due to the properties of the herb.

I also use it as part of a tea to treat my own chest infections due to antibiotic resistance.

Additional Information:

Sage oil is extracted from the dried leaves by steam distillation.

A lot of essential oils contain allergens which can be found on the rear labels of the soaps in bold text. Myrrh essential oil contains the following allergens:



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Products containing sage essential oil.

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