Soy Wax

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All of my wax melts and candles are made using soy wax. I use my own blend of soy wax and vegetable oils that make up a recipe that gives you the best possible throw and a long burning time.

Soy is made from the oils found in soy beans. After harvesting the beans are cleaned, prepared and rolled into flakes. The oil is then extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated. 

The wax plays a big part in determining the burn time of a candle. Soy wax has a longer burn time due to it reaching a lower temperature than most other waxes.

Soy wax can be cleaned from most surfaces using hot soapy water. It is completely biodegradable, but it takes time for fragrance oil to marry to soy wax so it requires curing. You should never pour wax down the sink. 

Always check the packaging for CLP details before adding used candle wax to your compost heap.

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