A Rebellion is Coming

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I was a guest of the wonderful Anne Asquith talking about me and the business and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but that isn't why I'm here talking to you now (although I have embedded the video for the sake of my ego).


After the interview, we chatted whilst listening to music and I was trying to explain what I wanted to do by branching out into wholesale and I said a sentence that has stuck with me and really made me think. 'It's like a rebellious economy...'

WOW! My mind is blown. 

High Street Shops

A Rebellion is Coming...

Over the past couple of decades, we have sat back and allowed ourselves to become brainwashed by terms like 'free postage', 'hassle-free' and 'cut out the middle man', but are these really accurate and positive statements? Think about it. How much does it cost to post a small parcel these days? How do these businesses afford to give that amount of money away? It's fairly simple really - they don't. The cost of postage is added to your products - of course it is - we would all be bankrupt if we really gave these things away.

Man on phone

What about hassle-free? Well, I am starting to think that maybe this is just a myth, I mean what if I want to buy a dress, it comes and it doesn't fit. I then have to sit at my computer and email a faceless company (or speak to a machine and listen to Vivaldi or Beethoven for what seems like hours) to request a return - and how often does that go wrong?


Cut out the middle man... ok, does it really mean that you are saving money? Or, does it mean that someone is making more money out of you - it is a mix of both, but I bet it's more about making money than saving...

Then, there is the way of life, that I for one am starting to pine for, the part that was once so familiar and normal and now feels like a rebellious act in itself. Social interaction, conversation, please and thank you. We have almost eradicated that through the use of online stores. Up until recently, I did everything online. I didn't need to go out for clothes, household items, banking, I could do everything I needed from the comfort of my computer or even my phone - fantastic isn't it?

Market Shopping

Well, I can safely say that since I have started venturing into town and popping into small businesses for bits and pieces and seeing people on a regular basis, I am actually making my money go further, I am more upbeat and I have even started saying hello to people when I pass them in the streets - this gets a mixed response but it makes me feel more in touch with others and myself.

Mental health is a big thing for me and through staying in the house and only speaking to the postman when something won't fit through the letterbox has had quite an effect. Of course, I didn't notice it while it was happening, but just a few small changes have opened my eyes to it.

Coffee Shop Social

Popping to a local coffee shop and chatting with the owners, just basic 'British' talk about the weather or the local news, even just sitting and people watching or eavesdropping on other conversations while I read the newspaper or a book. It has all helped me to realise what is happening.

We are being discouraged from socialising, social people think and social people talk and that's how ideas spread - it may seem very conspiratorial, but it is how it is. Taking away the high street has done this, not on its own I grant you, but it has played a huge part in it.

Society has undergone so many small changes and they have amounted to a nation of people who feel safe behind their computers but feel threatened out in the big bad world. 

Closed Sign

Cafes, restaurants, shops and pubs are all disappearing. The corner shop is now owned by huge faceless companies who dictate the market standards and prices and buy on such a huge scale that they have no concern for the people they work with. They pay what and when they feel like it and make huge profits off of the little man - is this what we want? Is it even what we need?

 We can and we must change this faceless existence. This brainwashing that has slowly happened over the years, we must stand up for what we want and what we need to survive. And it's so easy to do. Pop to your local corner shop and buy a tin of beans, a pint of milk or a bar of chocolate. Quoting the wonderful Anne Asquith, become a 'rebel with a cause' and watch as you and those around you flourish!

Busy High Street

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