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So, I have just returned from the doctor's surgery having been told that I am too fat to qualify for surgery... OK, so I knew that this day would come. But I have been losing weight - I have dropped 3 stone since Christmas, so I think I'm doing quite well! Apparently not. 

I cannot complain about the GP I saw, she was lovely and very understanding and to be honest I am on a journey that won't be short and sweet before I dive headfirst back into the chocolate pot, but to be told that I need to lose 2kg in a matter of weeks and then 6 stone in two years is terrifying to say the least. I am also a bit put out by my ideal weight, but that is another post altogether.

Weight loss image

So, I have gone into feeling sorry for myself and stuffing my face with chocolate followed by a nap to get over the shock of what I have to do. Then I went onto Pinterest and created two boards. Vegan Monday and Vegetarian Friday. Terry is not very happy about this idea, but I guess he can always get a takeaway. I will not be able to do this if the doctor gets her own way and puts me on weight loss medication.

So for the next two months (trial period to see how much of a difference it makes). I am going vegan on a Monday and vegetarian on a Friday. 


That will give me two meat-free days, which will also help to reduce my carbon footprint. It will also mean a dairy free day - coffee will never be the same on a Monday morning! So now I have a week to plan my meals for next Monday and Friday.

Now, this is where it becomes harder to live the way I preach and live by the same morals as I run my business. I shop in Aldi once a month and I buy frozen vegetables and lots of fruit. I then do my top-up shops in local small businesses such as the butchers and greengrocers as well as the local off licence - yes this is going to have to stop too.

Aldi vegetables are cheap - they actually make the difference between me eating vegetables and not some months, but they all come in plastic wrapping. Occasionally you get the option of buying loose, but most of their fresh fruit is in plastic punnets or plastic bags. So, my question is - do I change to more local produce, knowing that this will mean that I am able to buy less in my weekly shop or do I continue to go to Aldi until I can afford to go elsewhere?

Recycling Image

Now, don't get me wrong, I currently have a bag for life filled with plastic vegetable and bread wrappers to take to Morrison's for recycling; and all of the vegetable wrapping can be put in there and returned time and time again - but is this what I should be doing or will I be made to feel guilty via social media and such?

The Druid's Kitchen prides itself on biodegradable, recyclable or repurposable packaging - it is really important to us and we are even looking at hemp plastics for future products. At home I have replaced what I can with biodegradable or reusable items such as switching my scouring sponge for a loofah or using biodegradable food waste bags for dog waste or shampoo bars instead of bottles, soap bars instead of liquid soap etc (I am even considering a prototype plastic free washing up soap for personal use). I feed the dog biscuits that come in a paper bag. I am starting to take my own plastic tubs to buy fresh produce and I have the shopping trolley that mother-in-law bought me when Dan and I separated. I don't catch the bus unless I have to - I walk to most places and my personal carbon footprint is 2kg per year less than the 2020 target, but I can always do better and I don't want to do worse because I am trying to reduce one or other part of the waste I produce.

Green Grass Footprints

Is it acceptable to remove your plastic packaging at the checkout? Is this a good idea or will it be added to landfill rather than recycled as it is when I dispose of it now? 

Well, this is what I plan to work out over the next two months. I will spend one month continuing as normal - shopping at the supermarket once a month and then supporting local businesses for the rest of the time. Then in month two, I will be shopping small all the time. No supermarkets at all. I will be keeping track of what I spend and the amount of waste and recycling each method produces and hopefully this will help me to decide on the best way to shop healthy for both myself and the planet. I will pop back every now and then and let you know how it is going and if you haven't heard from me for a while - shout at me because it may well mean I have lapsed...

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  • The Druid's Kitchen on

    Oh Sami, that would be amazing. It is so difficult to make the right choices. I am starting to think that there is no longer and right answer just a better wrong if that makes sense…

  • Sami Mason on

    Sounds like a great idea. I too am struggling with personal packaging problems, so I will join you on your journey!

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