Last week's best sellers.

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Soooooo, I hear you ask (and I often do get asked) what were last week's best selling products? So here goes.

5. Fruits of Sulis Lady of the Woods - I love making this soap. It is always different! Who would have thought it? This past week they have been slight;y more difficult to make than normal because of the heat. Setting times are ridiculously long at the moment and layered soap need a set base layer!


4. Sage and Lavender Smudge Spray. - This is a simple room spray made with Himalayan salts and essential oils. This product is vegan friendly and non of the components are tested on animals. It works well as a room purifying spray or just as an air freshener.

3. Danu's Dance, Wax Brittle - Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful sweet smell, that reminds you of bubblegum but that doesn't quite cover it! It is absolutely beautiful and is turning into one of my most popular products at the moment.

2. The Morrigan's Path, Mini Skulls - It must be festival and camping season again, because these soaps are flying out online! The little pack of two activated charcoal skulls shaped soaps is a real favourite with campers, caravaners and festival goers alike. The size and the clean scent of the tea tree essential oil makes this the perfect soap for your wash bag and it's a fab shape too!!

1. The Sea Witch, Soap on a Rope - As always this is at the top of the list! An amazing all over body soap containing ingredients that get rid of dry skin and help to nourish what's beneath. This really is a must for everyone. Male or female this really is the go to soap of so many of my customers! The high glycerine content makes it so gentle too!

There we go! Next week I will be able to give you another top 5 - hopefully a bit different! 

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