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Right you lovely lot, what were you all buying last week? Here is last week's top 5 selling products.

5. Unicorn Bath Bomb Gift Set. This is one of the products made by Druid and the Witch. and contains a giant unicorn bath bomb, two unicorn horns and a bag of bath dust. This set will be changing soon as a collaboration between the two companies so grab it while you can.

4. Breeze Buddy Pulse Point. I use this one all summer as due to my Sjogren's Syndrome I suffer with blocked sinuses, difficulty breathing and sinus infections. This really helps me and may be able to help you too.

3. Sage and Lavender Smudge Spray. a wonderful room and linen spray made with perfumer's alcohol, purified water and essential oil. The feedback on these products has been amazing and last week this one out sold the Sage Smudge Spray for the first time.

2. The Morrigan's Path was, as always a best seller and last week it was the two mini skulls that sold the most. I sold a huge 47 pairs of these soaps! Keep an eye out for the new mini skull shapes which have been added to the website.

1. Danu's Dream Unicorn Horn is back on top. This is a great little soap, pretty, smells gorgeous and filled with the goodness of frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh essential oils, which are all thought to help slow the aging process.

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