New Assessments Mean New Products For September

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New products coming soon.

This month has continued to be busy and I have spent two days reworking old recipes and typing up new ones from scraps of paper here there and everywhere. 

I have changed a lot (but not all) of the colourants I use to mica and added and removed ingredients to some soaps. It is all about creating a better product for you. That's why I'm here, to give you the best possible soapy experience!

The children's soaps will no longer have cocoa butter or mango butter to reduce the risk of any skin reactions, they are now olive and coconut with a touch of castor for lather.

Mermaid Tail Soap

There are a few new fragrance free soaps, one with oats and one without. These were created with one of my wholesale clients in mind, but will be suitable for all with sensitive skin.

I have submitted a Yule fragrance for licensing! This will be fun, all the Christmas and Yule colours to play with.

Then, the most requested product has gone in for assessment. Shampoo bars!!!!! These are made using Goats Milk, essential oils and herbs to provide the perfect product for your hair. The purifying shampoo bar is the one I am most proud of. It is a complex blend of ingredients to use once a week to ten days to remove pollutants and grease from your hair. 

Kid's shampoo is also catered for, pink and blue with nettles and added lavender and carrot seed essential oil. This is such a gentle product designed to be used just before bed.

New Stockists

The Druid's Kitchen has also taken on a new stockist. Rosie Cheeks Clothing is a small home based business providing handmade clothes and baby accessories. The Druid's Kitchen's soaps will be available in the next few weeks.

Sharron is a perfectionist in everything she does and I have bought dribble bibs from her for my new niece and nephew. I will definitely be buying more too!

Finally. The Druid's Kitchen is involved in a new project with Wick-Head Witch. Sarah and I are in the process of setting everything up so more details will follow later in the week. Wick-Head Witch will also be a new stockist of The Druid's Kitchen products and The Druid's Kitchen will be stocking Sarah's products too.

Sarah is an alternative artist based in Wakefield, she also manufactures handmade home fragrance items and candles. This is a really exciting venture for us both and I cannot wait to tell you more!


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