Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub Recipe

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A Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

As some of you will know, The Druid's Kitchen has just launched the first four members of the sugar scrub bars range. I thought that to celebrate this, we could look at some sugar scrubs that you can make yourself at home - out of things you probably have in your cupboard. Madness isn't it? Of course, I am not giving you the recipe for The Druid's Kitchen Body Scrub Bars, but I thought you guys could have some fun playing around with everyday kitchen ingredients and seeing how you find them.

A bit of the boring stuff (I am a teacher after all).

During my research phase, I trawled the likes of Pinterest looking at different recipes and researching the ingredients that went into them. Now, I have some favourite oils, but I always try to choose the best oil for the job and jojoba oil is perfect for dry skin and some conditions such as eczema and rosacea. None of the scrubs I looked at contained jojoba oil and the only real reason I could think of was that it is just too expensive for most (I pay upwards of £45.00 for a litre of high quality organic jojoba oil).  

So first, I developed a sugar scrub that wasn't in a bar form. I had planned to pop it into tins and this is the recipe that I would have used had I not decided that I wanted to make the bars.

A bit of science too???

Now, a good sugar scrub will help your skin remove dead cells whilst at the same time helping it to retain moisture. Now and this is going to sound all back to front, but bear with me. Certain oils, help your skin to repel water more efficiently and by doing so stop it from drying out. Moisture is trapped in the skin by the oils, they assist the natural lipids and just make their job easier. Water, on the other hand, breaks up the lipids, washes them away and allows moisture to seep through the gaps, so you end up with dry skin. 

So, just like the sugar scrub bars, this sugar scrub recipe is high in oil. Some of you will not like this, but I find that allowing my skin to dry naturally after using oil-based products really helps me to defeat my constant fight with dry skin. Although most people would probably use a soap bar to wash away the oils after use, I like to hold onto them for as long as possible. Have a play and find what is right for you.

Some advice:

Have a play around. Swap the oils about and play with the quantities, this will help you to find the perfect recipe for you. You may also find that you want to change the oils you use depending on the season. One word of warning though. A lot of the recipes out there tell you to add water. Ignore these. There are several reasons for this, first and foremost the water will allow bacteria to grow in your scrub. Secondly, oil and water just do not mix.

Feeling adventurous?

Why not add some other kitchen staples to your scrub? You can add coffee grounds, tea, herbs and even honey. Like I said earlier, have a play around and see what you like. Don't forget that you can share pictures of your makes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using #DruidsKitchenMakes.

What you will need:

100g Sugar - you can use any type of sugar, if you have extremely delicate skin, maybe start with soft brown sugar and slowly work the coarseness up until you get it just right. 

30g Coconut Oil - you can supplement this with olive oil if you prefer.

10g Jojoba Oil - My favourite oil for dry skin, but there are so many to choose from such as evening primrose or avocado oil or even rice bran or olive. 

10 drops sweet orange essential oil.

The Process:

Step One: Weigh out all of your ingredients except the essential oil.

Weighed out sugar, jojoba oil and coconut oil

Step Two: Mix the coconut oil and jojoba oil together for 2-3 minutes (It didn't take me as long today as the coconut oil was starting to melt in the heat).

Jojoba and coconut oil before being mixed    Jojoba and Coconut oil Mixed

Step Three: Now add 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil to the container you used to weigh the jojoba oil (you will notice that there is more than you would think still in the bottom). Give this a quick mix and pour into your oils.

Sweet Orange essential oils with the leftover jojoba oil

Step Four: Add the oil mixture to the sugar and stir until well mixed. I then added some mica for colour, but this really isn't necessary.

Sugar Scrub Mixed with mica added

Step 5: Pop your sugar scrub into a suitable container. I used a glass jar, but an old Tupperware pot would do just as good a job.

Finished Sugar Scrub

That's it! Now all you need to do is run yourself a nice bath and pour yourself a glass of wine. It doesn't need to be stored in the fridge, I leave mine on the side of the bath. 

It is best to apply a sugar scrub in a circular motion. Rinse well and enjoy baby soft skin!

A few tips:

  1. If you are making the sugar scrub for your face try using caster sugar.
  2. If you have delicate skin try soft brown sugar for your body scrub.
  3. This can be adapted to a lip scrub by removing the jojoba oil and using a fine sugar.
  4. Keep your sugar scrub sealed at all times to stop it drying out.

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If you decide to switch sweet orange for a different essential oil, please do your research. Some essential oils can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

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