About The Packaging We Use

 Here at The Druid's Kitchen, we pride ourselves on making every effort to help protect the environment by using as little packaging as as we can.

As of January 2020 all of our packaging falls into one of the following categories: 

Compostable Packaging - The Druid's Kitchen


All of our single use bags are completely compostable either commercially or at home. We would love to be able to remove the packaging completely, but due to the way the business works, this just isn't possible.

One of the reasons that glycerine soap is so good for the skin, is because of its ability to attract moisture. Unfortunately, this can lead to the glycerine bar soaps appearing to sweat and as we don't have a single location to sell from, this becomes an issue so we use packaging that can go straight into your food or garden waste.

Aluminium Tins Packaging - The Druid's Kitchen


Each of shampoo bars are available with or without an aluminium screw top tin. This serves two purposes; the tin will protect your shampoo bar from the elements of a busy bathroom or during your holiday, whether backpacking or flying your shampoo is safe and so is the contents of your bag!

The tins can be used with almost all brands of round shampoo bars so you are investing in a tin that will last you years and years.


All of our bagged products come with a Kraft card hang tag which is fully recyclable. Where you dispose of your card varies from local authority to local authority, so please check, but they can normally be put in either your food waste or your general recycling waste. If you home compost, they can also be placed in with your garden waste and will fully decompose within 6-12 months depending on conditions.


We are not yet completely plastic-free, but we do provide refills to allow you to reuse any plastic parts of our products such as atomiser sprays and trigger sprays.

We are constantly looking for new ways to package each and every one of our products and will continue to improve our environmental friendliness as we find new ways to do so.