We have several stockists around the country and each of them hold uniquely designed bars of soap as well as all the best-sellers.

Here is a list of stockists and where you can find them either online or in the real world!

Cat in the Sack, Newland Avenue, Hull. 

This beautiful but tiny shop can be found hidden away down the 'tenfoot' next to Heron. It is just past Zoo cafe (an amazing vegetarian cafe you could visit on your way) and is run by Grace.

Grace stocks a large selection of handmade items from pottery to cushions to clothes to jewellery. It really is one of Hull's best kept secrets. Pop along and check out what she has in stock. It is always changing so why not make it a regular shopping trip?

The Magick Emporium

Sami runs The Magick Emporium and, again, we both stock each other's items. I currently hold her Sabbat essential oil blends and she is about to start stocking my soap.

Sami's website is a door to many alternative sellers of different items, such as creams, potion ingredients and more and definitely worth checking out, the emporium is growing all the time.


South Cave Plant Centre, Sands Lane, South Cave.

Do you want to see one of our fire pits in person, well starting mid August 2018 South Cave Plant Centre will be stocking a selection of them for you to view, buy or order a bespoke design. Why not pop along and see Chris and Jamie and while you're there grab some plants for the garden - they really are high quality and well looked after.