Subscription Boxes From The Druid's Kitchen

Subscription boxes are now available from The Druid's Kitchen. We are pleased to be able to offer an expanding range of monthly and quarterly subscriptions for you to choose from. 

Subscription Boxes - The Druid's Kitchen

The first subscription box is filled with over 200 hours of wax melt goodness. Choose from monthly or quarterly and have your 'First Look' and Exclusive scents delivered directly to your door.

Visit our Wax Melt Subscription Box page to sign up today!


Coming in August 2020

Subscription Boxes by The Druid's Kitchen

The Druid's Kitchen's Tea Light Candle Subscription Box is coming in August 2020. Subscribers will receive a monthly delivery of 12 of our 8 hour tea light candles in 6 different scents. That is a huge 96 hours of burn time every month!

Sign up for this subscription box will open on 6th July 2020

Bath Bombs Subscription Box

We are planning to launch our first bath bomb subscription box in October 2020. We are very excited about this project and want to get it just right. To keep up to date with information and find out when we start taking orders for this subscription why not sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page