Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Wholesale terms and conditions

To qualify for either of our wholesale agreements you need to be a proper business and willing to invest money in your stock.  You can be any kind of business looking to expand your stock.


Sale or return

This means you ‘borrow’ the stock – with the understanding that you keep it clean, in perfect condition and safe.  You get an itemised list of the stock left with you and monthly check ins to see how things are going.  You will be required to submit sales sheets and make payments on the last day of the month via bank transfer*.



  • There is no upfront payment for stock.
  • We work together to ensure your maximum sales.
  • You can change the stock whenever the seasons change – or you fancy a refresh.
  • You can arrange return of the stock during the monthly check in – paying for any stock that is not returned.
  • Help and advice is always available.
  • You must sell at the RRP.



  • You will get a lower % of the final sale price – for sale or return stock you will keep a maximum of 25%
  • You may not get full control of what’s available.
  • It needs monitoring regularly (monthly is usual) so everyone knows what they have – and what needs paying for.



This means you bought it – you own it. You can do anything with it except rebrand.



  • Bigger % profit
  • You get to choose exactly what you want to stock
  • You can charge what you like.
  • It’s yours – market it on your website or shop however you want.



  • You must pay upfront for the stock.

Other information and conditions:

  1. We do not offer ‘White Label’ sales. This means that our branding must remain on the products. This is to protect our brand and legal action will be taken if any of The Druid’s Kitchen products are re-branded in any way.
  2. All communication regarding sales must be via email, or phone. This allows the whole team to access all information. Personal messages via social media will not be answered.
  3. Please respect our business hours. We work hard when we are working, and we need our rest time to ensure that you receive the best possible service.
  4. Please show respect to our staff at all times.
  5. Preferred Payment is via BACS. The account details will be on your invoice.
  6. We can accept wholesale payment via PayPal, but there is a 5% charge for this.
  7. Please remember that products have a 6-12 month shelf life.
  8. Legally binding policies (for example: Product Recall Policy) must be adhered to by all stockists if they become applicable.


Wholesale Accounts:

These are available on request after a minimum of 4 months of regular orders. It is not guaranteed that you will be granted an account. Credit checks may be required.

How the sales discounts work:

We do understand that small businesses do not want to have £100s stuck in inventory – so we have a discount scheme.

There is no minimum order, but a fixed postage rate of £8.99 apply to all orders.

  • 1-50 items 25% discount
  • 51-100 items 30% discount
  • 101-200 items 35% discount
  • 201-300 items 40% discount
  • 300+ items will be quoted upon request.

Items can be mixed and matched. Your discount is determined by the total number of units in your order.

Starter Kits or refill kits are already heavily discounted and will not be discounted further.

The wholesale terms and conditions can be updated and altered at any time without notice, but must be published on The Druid’s Kitchen Wholesale group and must also be emailed to stockists who are not members of the wholesale group for them to become valid.

Policy Crated 28th April 2018.


24th February 2020:

  • Added clause regarding The Druid’s Kitchen Policies.
  • Added the amount of postage required per order.
  • Added conditions to wholesale account.
  • Corrected spelling errors.
  • Added Starter Kit discount information.
  • Update notice.