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Wax Brittle samples are a great way to say thank you to your customers for their order. These luxury wax brittle samples are made with a selection of quality fragrance oils which have had to pass my extensive testing. Each bag of wax melt samples contains a minimum of 4g, which is two uses of at least 40 each. Wax melts are very popular and my wax brittle far outsells any of my other wax melts. Your customers will be over the moon with this little extra as part of their order. I include them in some of my orders and they are always commented on.

The front label on each of these wonderful gifts can have your logo (I will contact you to request a PNG image) and your own personal thank you message on it, the back label contains instructions and all legally required information and my logo ( please see the pictures in the gallery for more information. Due to the size of the packaging, full CLP information is not required.

I currently have over 100 different scents including floral, fruity and perfumes to name a few and you will be given a mix of seasonal and popular scents at the time you order. Ordering in the run up to Christmas means that you may receive Christmas fragrances. If you would prefer no seasonal scents please let me know by contacting The Kitchen.

Some of the scents that could be included in your order are:

Wax brittle samples are made with my own blend of high quality soy wax and fragrance oil. Wax brittle gives you the control you have always wanted over the level of fragrance you receive from your wax melt. This product is most suited to electric wax warmers, but is also suitable for candle powered oil burners too. I do, however not recommend that you use it oil burners with very small bowls. Wax brittle used in candle powered warmers does not retain it’s scent for as long as when used n electric warmers.

A lot of fragrance oils are detrimental to the environment and harmful to aquatic life and wildlife. We try to avoid these as best as we can and only list an item as vegan if it does not require animal related warnings on the labels. We do not use any animal products in these melts, we just take the meaning of vegan one step further.

If you would like all of your samples to be vegan friendly, please make sure to let me know via the Contact Seller form at the bottom of the listing.


Break off the required amount of your wax brittle wax melts and add to your wax warmer or oil burner (not suitable for small bowl warmers for safety reasons). If using a candle powered warmer, please use unscented tealights. You only need a small amount of wax brittle for a good throw, so you should be able to get between 6 and 10 uses from a 25g bag of wax brittle. Of course this can vary if you use more or less than recommended. Each use will last for up to one week. To change your wax, heat until soft and wipe with tissue. Most of the fragrance oils we use can be composted, please check the packaging for appropriate warnings.

Always retain packaging for future reference.

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All home fragrance products are fully CLP compliant.

Domestic orders are sent using Hermes or Royal Mail. International orders are accepted, if your country is not listed, please contact me and I will check customs regulations and, if possible, add your country to the shipping list.


The information above is not intended to replace medical advice. The use of any information provided by The Druid’s Kitchen is solely the user’s responsibility. The Druid’s Kitchen advise that you consult a health professional before using herbs or essential oils.