Bubblegum Reed Diffuser With Sea Glass Chips

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Bubblegum Diffuser With Sea Glass Chips

Bubblegum Reed Diffusers release Bubblegum Diffuser With Sea Glass Chips. (Vegan-Friendly)

The Druid's Kitchen's reed diffusers are made using a vegan-friendly diffuser base - which I have discovered is difficult to find. We have taken time to find the right products to mix together to make the perfect product, that would look great in any room in the house. The reeds are rattan to avoid the use of non-recyclable plastic.

The sea glass chips in your bubblegum reed diffuser add just a little touch of colour to your decor.

Each Bubblegum Reed Diffuser comes with a ready filled bottle of diffuser base, a paper bag containing your Himalayan salt crystals and 8 natural reeds.

All of the plastic in the lids can be removed and placed directly into your regular recycling waste, but why not reuse your bottle with one of The Druid's Kitchen's refill packs. Each Bubblegum Reed Diffuser refill pack comes with 100g of ready-mixed diffuser oil, Sea Glass Chips, and 8 rattan reeds.

A lot of fragrance oils are detrimental to the environment and harmful to aquatic life and wildlife. I try to avoid these as best as we can and only list an item as vegan if it does not require animal related warnings on the labels. We do not use any animal products in these candles, The Druid's Kitchen just takes the meaning of vegan one step further.

Directions for use: Remove the screw top and plastic stopper. Add your salt crystals and replace the screw top. Place on an unpolished surface and add the required number of reeds through the hole in the lid. After 2-4 hours turn your reeds. This will provide you with up to 12 weeks of home fragrance (depending on the number of reeds you use).

Always retain packaging for future reference.

All home fragrance products are fully CLP compliant.

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