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Christmas Pud Wax Brittle
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Christmas Pud Wax Brittle

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Christmas Pud Wax Brittle

Christmas Pud wax brittle wax melts release a delicious Christmas pudding aroma, with top notes of fruit, citrus zest and brandy. Spices of cinnamon, clove and ginger. Dried fruit notes of raisins, plums and nuts on a sugary sweet vanilla base.

About Christmas Pud Wax Brittle:

Christmas Pud wax brittle is made with The Druid's Kitchen's own blend of high quality soy wax and vegetable oils. It gives you the control you have always wanted over the level of fragrance you receive from your wax melt. This product is most suited to electric wax melt warmers but is also suitable for candle powered oil burners too. We do, however not recommend that you use it oil burners with very small bowls.Soy wax melts used in candle powered warmers do not retain their scent for as long as when used in electric warmers.

Each pack of Christmas Pud wax brittle is made using the best quality of soy wax, vegetable oils and fragrance oil. Presented in a brown paper bag with a clear window, the packaging is fully biodegradable.

All fragrances are available in 25g and 50g of wax melts in fully biodegradable packaging.

Wax Brittle Weigh & Save Option

You can also skip the packaging and purchase Christmas Pud Wax Brittle by choosing the Weigh & Save option. This will be delivered to you in a paper bag with all CLP details attached.

What we mean by vegan-friendly:

A lot of fragrance oils are detrimental to the environment and harmful to aquatic life and wildlife. We try to avoid these as best as we can and only list an item as vegan if it does not require animal-related warnings on the labels. We do not use any animal products in these wax melts, The Druid's Kitchen just takes the meaning of vegan one step further.

Directions for use:

Break off the required amount of your Christmas Pud wax brittle wax melts and add to your wax melt warmer or oil burner (not suitable for small bowl warmers). If using a candle powered warmer, please use unscented tealights. You will only need a small amount of wax brittle for a good throw, so you should be able to get between 6 and 10 uses from a 25g bag of wax melts. Of course, this can vary if you use more or less than recommended. Each use will last for up to one week.

To change your wax melts, heat until soft and wipe with a tissue. Most of the fragrance oils we use can be composted, please check the packaging for appropriate warnings.

Always retain packaging for future reference.

All home fragrance products are fully CLP compliant.

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