Personalised Pillar Candles
Personalised Pillar Candles
Personalised Pillar Candles
Personalised Pillar Candles

Personalised Pillar Candles

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Personalised Pillar Candles

Personalised Pillar Candles were brought about through a special request to make some memorial candles. 

About Personalised Pillar Candles

Personalised pillar candles are all handmade using a blend of vegetable waxes. They can be scented in almost any fragrance you like, maybe you are getting married and having roses in your bouquet, you want them for a baby shower so you would like baby powder to be used, or you are creating a memorial and would like the person's favourite perfume or aftershave to summon memories as you walk past the candle.

Personalise Pillar Candles are perfect for almost any occasion and are sure to make the perfect gift!

How to order

Personalised Pillar Candles can be ordered directly through this listing, you will be required to upload a picture and complete the text boxes above. Please feel free to add as many scent choices as you would like for your order. We will contact you via email to discuss your wishes if there are any problems with the scent(s) you have requested.

Because this is a completely personalised order, this product will be shipped within 14 days unless otherwise stated.

The larger the photo the better the results, if you chosen picture is not of high enough quality we will contact you.

We do not have a list of scents available for this product as scents are a very personal thing, we will do our best to find your preferred scent and order it especially for your candles.

Due to safety restrictions, we cannot always use essential oils for this product. Feel free to message me here to discuss your options.

Safety & Care Information

Personalised Pillar Candles are for decorative purposes only and should never be lit.

All CLP information will be provided. 

This product should not be kept in direct sunlight.

A Candle Care leaflet will be included for every candle ordered.

All packaging is compostable or recyclable and will be packed separately to avoid damage in transit.


The Druid's Kitchen aims to ship all personalised pillar candle orders within 10 working days. If items are in stock, it is normally quicker. However, sometimes products are sold at events meaning that they show as in stock on the website but are actually sold out. Domestic orders are sent using Hermes or Royal Mail. International orders are accepted, if your country is not listed, please contact us to allow us to check customs regulations and, if possible, add your country to the shipping list.


The information above is not intended to replace medical advice. The use of any information provided by The Druid’s Kitchen is solely the user’s responsibility. The Druid’s Kitchen advises that you consult a health professional.